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We at Howard Sales are renowned throughout the Port Arthur, TX area for selling all types of top quality lofted sheds including cabins, barns, custom sheds, as well as sheds with porches. Our customers love us for the excellent Mennonite custom sheds they purchased from us, especially those who are not well off financially. We are, perhaps, the only store in the region that offers sheds with porches, custom sheds, and lofted sheds at rentals as low as $85 per month. The icing on the cake is that we provide financing for individuals planning to buy custom sheds, sheds with porches, and lofted sheds too. By the way, we provide financing without checking our customer's credit ranking.

Design Your Own Custom Sheds with Porches in Port Arthur, TX

Shed With Porches

Why do you not visit our location in Port Arthur, TX, and check out the wide range of custom sheds with porches we have in stock. There is no reason for you to worry if you do not find lofted sheds, custom sheds or sheds with porches that meet your requirements exactly, as we also provide you with the option to design your own shed. Providing quality sheds with porches, or lofted sheds, or custom sheds is our forte. You might not believe it, but the lofted sheds, custom sheds, sheds with porches we sell are so strong and weather resistant that we offer a no questions asked warranty up to 35 years. We will not be surprised if you find the lofted sheds or custom sheds of your liking once you view the massive stock in our showroom. In case you do not, you can always opt for customs sheds.

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